4th Symposium of Ubiquitous Computing and Ambient Intelligence 2010

UCAmI 2010 - Valencia, SPAIN, September 7-10, 2010 at CEDI 2010

Call for papers UCAmI 2010: txt or pdf

The Ubiquitous Computing (UC) idea envisioned by Weiser in 1991, has recently evolved to a more general paradigm known as Ambient Intelligence (AmI). Ambient Intelligence then represents a new generation of user- centred computing environments aiming to find new ways to obtain a better integration of the information technology in everyday life devices and activities. AmI environments are integrated by several autonomous computational devices of modern life ranging from consumer electronics to mobile phones. Ideally, people in an AmI environment will not notice these devices, but they will benefit from the services they provide them. Such devices are aware of the people present in those environments by reacting to their gestures, actions and context. Recently the interest in Ambient Intelligence Environments has grown considerably due to new challenges posed by society, demanding highly innovative services such as vehicular ad hoc networks (VANET), Ambient Assisted Living (AAL), e-Health, Internet of Things and Home Automation among others.

UCAmI is a forum that will bring together ideas, projects, lessons, etc. This event has been held in Granada, Spain (UCAmI 2005), Zaragoza, Spain (UCAmI 2007) and Salamanca, Spain (UCAmI 2008), with a workshop modality in Puertollano, Spain (wUCAmI 2006).

The main goal of UCAmI 2010 is to provide a discussion forum where researchers on Ubiquitous Computing and Ambient Intelligence can meet, disseminate and exchange ideas and problems, identify some of the challenging issues related to these topics, and explore together possible solutions and future works.

Selected papers from UCAmI 2010 will be published in a special theme of the Personal and Ubiquitous Computing Journal, indexed in the Journal Citation Reports.